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Oh Yeah : Koleksi Iklan - Iklan Kreatif Yang Berada Di Luar Akal Fikiran Korang!!


Damn, iklan-iklan ni memang sangat kreatif dan sangat berkesan kepada sesiapa yang melihatnya. Aku suka iklan yang macam ni. Tak perlu nak pening-pening kepala nak faham, yang penting imej yang digunakan memang simple dan mudah untuk orang faham. Nice!!

Advertising Volkswagen Touareg
Summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. free callisthenics
Frog in korobchonke: advertising courier service DHL, Taiwan
From Sona pillow in a dream all my dreams come true
 Advertising one of the largest media conglomerates AT & T: "We work in over 200 countries, including India"
Anlene without your bones can become brittle as glass
Advertising against smoking

Advertise PSP: "Heroism in small doses"
 Advertisement dog food
Anti-smoking campaign in 2009: "Do you realize how many actually spend on cigarettes?"
Samsung Headphones
Public Service Announcements from the World Wildlife Fund
Chupa Chups
 Advertising on bus: latecomer passenger
Mercedes-Benz: "The best or nothing"
envy crackers
Advertising deodorant «BodyIce»
 If you really want to touch someone, send a letter
Mobile operator T-Mobile Video Chat service advertises
antidepressant Prozac
 Fitness center Aquatop Aquatic: "Take care of your heart, it still is useful"
 Advertise invigorating toothpaste
Life is too short to spend it on uninteresting work
Advertising from the World Wildlife Fund
Advertising poster KitKat

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